Nick Lakha

Nikunj ("Nick") Lakha grew up in the hotel industry. His experiences as a young man, performing all the day-to-day activities of a hotel – from cleaning rooms, to manning the front desk, to managing accounts – have afforded him an intimate understanding of hotel operations. This operational expertise, together with an education in management and a professional background in finance and consulting, has guided Nick's acquisition/development decisions and allowed him to create a portfolio of financially successful, award-winning properties.

Nick is a graduate of Auburn University, where he received his B.S. in Business Administration in 1997. He began his professional career as a consultant for companies such as Pannel Kerr Forster Consulting, Horwath Landauer, and Atlantic Hospitality Advisors. In 2001, Nick launched Paramount Hospitality Management and has grown the company ever since.

Today, Nick Lakha works with a team of talented professionals to manage Paramount Hospitality Management's assets while exploring prospective hotel development and acquisition opportunities to expand the company's portfolio. In addition, Nick contributes to his industry and community through membership in a number of professional and charitable organizations. Nick lives in Sandy Springs, GA with his wife, Priti, and two children.